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Roll Forming & Metal Roofing Machine

Founded by metal forming experts in all aspects including fields like tooling design, hydraulic & electrical design, software programming in 2008. We are now supplying roll forming machinery in an excellent level of quality, tolerance, speed and most importantly a complete range of machinery products for many industries such as pre-fabricated buildings, automobile, shelving and racking, infrastructure, and solar energy etc.. We believe we are now supplying best & up-to-date machines built in China today and competitive prices comparing to our counterparts throughout the world. Our machines are made to clients’ specific needs, and we are also glad to provide you years of insight, knowledge, and expertise in our fields.

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Our sales advising team has years of experience in metalforming industry, offer you most in-sight suggestion for building your ideal equipment and help you spend your budget on the edge. Our engineers& technicians are also veterans in our field and know how to build up a quality machine; our commissioning technicians are easy going and ready to help you at site. We are always willing to learn client’s requirement and understand what they need. Click... [ Read More ]

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